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SPARC Roadmap for Action – SPARC



SPARC’s Roadmap for Action builds on our previously released Landscape Analysis, providing a set of individual and collective actions that institutions can consider taking to help ensure control of their data and data infrastructure. Recognizing that solutions to these complex issues are not “one size fits all,” this document offers a framework with multiple, concrete solutions that individual organizations can improve and adapt to their local culture and needs. The solution set is by no means exhaustive, and is intended as a starting point for the community to build upon.

Produced by Claudio Aspesi, in collaboration with the SPARC team, the Roadmap for Action is intended to inform discussions of these issues on campus and to serve as a catalyst for taking considered action.

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Source: SPARC Roadmap for Action – SPARC

Volume 7, General Issue: New content available​| Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication

From JLSC:

We have opened the General Issue for Volume 7 of the Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication (JLSC), and have published 7 new articles. JLSC invites new submissions to the journal – please see the author guidelines for details.


Research Articles

Practice Articles

Brief Reviews of Books and Product

Source: Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication

The State of Digital Preservation in 2018 | Ithaka S+R

From Oya Y. Rieger via Ithaka S+R:

“Our cultural, historic, and scientific heritage is increasingly being produced and shared in digital forms. The ubiquity, pervasiveness, variability, and fluidity of such content raise a range of questions about the role of research libraries and archives in digital preservation in the face of rapid organizational and technological changes and evolving organizational priorities. Ithaka S+R is interested in exploring the current landscape of digital preservation programs and services in order to identify research and policy questions that will contribute to the advancement of strategies in support of future scholarship. To this end, during June and July 2018, I talked with 21 experts and thought leaders to hear their perspectives on the state of digital preservation. The purpose of this report is to share a number of common themes that permeated through the conversations and provide an opportunity for broader community reaction and engagement, which will over time contribute to the development of an Ithaka S+R research agenda in these areas.”

Source: The State of Digital Preservation in 2018 | Ithaka S+R

Google unveils search engine for open data | Nature

From Davide Castelvecchi via Nature:

“Google has unveiled a search engine to help researchers locate online data that are freely available for use. The company launched the service on 5 September, saying that it is aimed at “scientists, data journalists, data geeks, or anyone else”.”

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Source: Google unveils search engine for open data

OSSArcFlow | Educopia

From The Educopia Institute:

The Educopia Institute, in collaboration with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science (UNC SILS), LYRASIS, and Artefactual, Inc., are investigating, synchronizing, and modeling a range of workflows to increase the capacity of libraries and archives to curate born digital content. These archival workflows will incorporate three leading open source software (OSS) platforms—BitCurator, Archivematica, and ArchivesSpace—and the project will be designed to generate findings that can be generalizable to settings that are using other platforms and applications.

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Source: OSSArcFlow | Educopia

ADD Your Comments to the Digital Preservation Declaration of Shared Values | DuraSpace

From Carol Minton Morris via Duraspace:

The digital preservation landscape is one of a multitude of choices that vary widely in terms of purpose, scale, cost, and complexity. Over the past year a group of collaborating organizations united in the commitment to digital preservation have come together to explore how we can better communicate with each other and assist members of the wider community as they negotiate this complicated landscape. As an initial effort, the group drafted a Digital Preservation Declaration of Shared Values that is now being released for community comment.

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Source: DuraSpace | Open technologies for durable digital content

Research Data Management Services in Academic Libraries in the US: A Content Analysis of Libraries’ Websites | Yoon | College & Research Libraries

From Ayoung Yoon and Teresa Schultz via College & Research Libraries:

Examining landscapes of research data management services in academic libraries is timely and significant for both those libraries on the front line and the libraries that are already ahead. While it provides overall understanding of where the research data management program is at and where it is going, it also provides understanding of current practices and data management recommendations and/or tool adoptions as well as revealing areas of improvement and support. This study examined the research data (management) services in academic libraries in the United States through a content analysis of 185 library websites, with four main areas of focus: service, information, education, and network. The results from the content analysis of these webpages reveals that libraries need to advance and engage more actively to provide services, supply information online, and develop educational services. There is also a wide variation among library data management services and programs according to their web presence.

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Source: Research Data Management Services in Academic Libraries in the US: A Content Analysis of Libraries’ Websites | Yoon | College & Research Libraries

ARL National Digital Stewardship Residency Concludes with Release of OSF Toolkit – Association of Research Libraries

From Megan Potterbusch and Judy Ruttenberg via Association of Research Libraries:

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) has released a toolkit to support the deep engagement of librarians in the creation and management of digital scholarship. Developed by Megan Potterbusch, the toolkit is the outcome of Potterbusch’s yearlong National Digital Stewardship Residency (NDSR) hosted by ARL and administered by the Library of Congress.

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Source: ARL National Digital Stewardship Residency Concludes with Release of OSF Toolkit | Association of Research Libraries® | ARL®

InDiPres Membership Meeting and 1st Anniversary Celebration

From InDiPres:

The semi-annual meeting of the InDiPres membership will be held on Wednesday, September 20, 2017, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at the Indiana State Library, in Room 401. The meeting is open and all interested individuals are welcome to attend. At this meeting we will be electing new officers, reviewing proposed revisions to the membership agreement, celebrating our first anniversary, and taking a group membership photograph for promotional purposes.

In addition, Ms. Carly Dearborn, Digital Preservation and Electronic Records Archivist for Purdue University Libraries, has graciously agreed to give a talk titled: “Preservation on the Mind: Incorporating Digital Preservation into Daily Workflows,” that will focus on the small daily steps which make preservation easier.

Source: Home Page | InDiPres