Empowering Librarians to Support Digital Scholarship Research | ACRL 2019

From Eleanor Dickson Koehl, Harriett Green, Amanda Henley, and Terese Heidenwolf in The Proceedings of the ACRL 2019 Conference:


“Librarians increasingly support and engage in digital scholarly research on academic campuses. But this repositioning of librarians’ work raises several challenges. First, “digital scholarship” encompasses a wide-ranging and evolving set of research behaviors, methods, and outputs across academic disciplines. Training librarians to become active facilitators of or partners in digital scholarship requires acknowledging the multifaceted ways in which digital research methodologies are applied. Next, amidst this shifting landscape, the profession has tended to separate digital scholarship or digital humanities librarianship into a professional sub-specialization. As a result, knowledge of key skills, tools, and strategies for digital scholarship are not widespread within academic libraries despite the growing demand for librarians to be trained in these areas.”

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Source: Empowering Librarians to Support Digital Scholarship Research: ACRL 2019